Jake Licata
3 min readSep 19, 2020


This is a very good movie. The film shows the start of one the biggest companies in the world. Mark Zuckerberg created an enterprise that has become a household name. There are friends and family that people would never even know if it wasn’t for this enterprise.

Mark Zuckerberg is not painted in the best light. In reality, it all makes sense why when seeing him on the news, he looks like a robot. Jesse Eisenberg portrayed him perfectly. The two lawsuits in the movie are the first of many.

The film starts at a bar, having a heated conversation with his girlfriend at the time. Zuckerberg is too self-centered to realize that he is losing her with every word he speaks. Instead of expressing his feelings in a healthy way, he addresses it by blogging about her and creating a new website.

After creating the website, he is approached by the twins for a website. Mark goes behind their backs to create his own version. The Facebook was originally exclusive for Harvard students to interact with each other. Mark had his best friend Eduardo fund the venture. When the twins get wind of this, they go to the Dean to get Zuckerberg expelled.

As The Facebook became popular, is was expanded to Universities everywhere. Right away it was evident that Mark was just using Eduardo for money. Sean Parker, who was the founder of Napster, heard of Facebook and wanted to get involved.

When Sean Parker got involved, it was when it spiraled out of control. Facebook became a public corporation and, with this, came investors. Eduardo got screwed on his end of the deal; his shares of the company became diluted down to nothing.

Mark got so much from Facebook, but lost his best friend. Sean Parker was not his friend, he just wanted the money and fame. Eduardo was Mark’s best, and only friend. In the end, Mark has more money than anyone would have asked for and still wears hoodies to his business meetings. Was it all worth it or should he have gone about it a different way?