What is the internet?

Jake Licata
2 min readSep 7, 2020

The internet is a hub for communication and information to help people with their everyday life. It is supposed to help people, but does it? This is an argument that is strong on both sides. The internet connects us in a very superficial way. The amount of deep connections that individuals have are very minimal. People find that they do not often have that face-to-face interaction, especially during this pandemic. A screen separates us, but only very few actually want to put in the effort to give up their seemingly valuable time for others.

The internet makes information very accessible. This seems to make us want everything at a snap of a finger. Patience and attention level seem to have plummeted because of the need for speed. People can get lost in their phones for hours, not doing anything, just wasting time. Value of experiences has been diminished. You can learn anything on the internet, but the application of it is almost nonexistent.

The internet was made to connect us. It makes life easier to send and receive information, it helps us communicate, it is helpful. Where the internet is at right now could be the optimal level; anything past this could be an invasion on health and privacy.

At what point is the internet and technology too much of our lives? I’m typing this on my laptop, to post online, for a class that’s online. I haven’t had an assignment in class for a long time that was to go anywhere, see anything, or been anything tangible. The internet is good for the way the world now works, that does not mean it is the best way to live.